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SEO website promotion is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are engaged in SEO promotion during many years. However, we cannot say that we know all about it, it would sound too cocky. In seo site promotion everything  is based on hunches and fears. Search engines are adorned with hoaxes and even with deification. Moreover this concerns Google: Oh great! Oh might! Oh, Shaitan engine!

Endless discussions about White or Black SEO promotion make me hysterical. White SEO promotion does not exist in fact, since any manipulation with the external or internal factors are attempts to influence search engine results artificially. Black SEO promotion in general is hardly economically viable due to the risk to be banned by the filter while SE sanctions are unreasonably high.

Therefore, this is Yurik’s  strong recommendation: SEO website promotion is based on a reasonable application of force and naturalness of systematic process. For such a rosy SEO promotion no autofilter is dangerous for you. Although we are talking about the likelihood only.