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Because today mobile phones are so widespread you have to use their power at the widest degree. With help of mobile phone you can easily expand your customers database, increase your efficiency, link the whole team of your employees together, reach a lot of people at once. 

It is estimated that about 6 billion people use mobile phone in the whole world and more than 85 % of them never go anywhere without the mobile phone. 

These numbers are huge. So, over 5 billion people can be your potential customers. Even Internet marketing cannot bring you as much. 

That is why mobile applications developers can really change your destiny. There are a lot of type of mobile web application development: some custom mobile applications help you to sell goods, others – to advertise. There are also applications which make your company better positioned and and improve your customers’ loyalty.

Mobile applications also help you to optimize the work within your company. You can  manage many projects remotely and simultaneously.

To make the mobile world help you, you need to choose the mobile app development company carefully. It s vital for such a company to have a wide experience in various tasks solving. Our company has been passionate about mobile web technologies since the first web phone. We like to experiment with difficult unknown. 

We provide the following mobile application development services for multiple mobile platforms:

iOS application for iPhone 

iPad applications

Android applications development

Windows Phone applications (WP7 and WP8)

BlackBerry applications

application  for Symbian 

Cross platform application development services

In the whole we have a vast 10-year experience in various offshore mobile development including programming, design and QA services. 

Among our recent project there are:

publication of the existing customer mobile application 

multilingual and multi-dimensional mobile application 

fully-featured mobile application of quality assurance

scheduled maintenance of all our applications

cross platform application