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The core of our company was formed during the summer 2001 as a creative team to develop Internet projects. The team contains highly qualified experts in the development of new technologies at all stages of web solutions, starting from the design of the particular project and finishing by this project’s further support.

 In solving such problems we are guided by the main idea: Internet project is neither  just a site on the Internet nor the business card of the company. This is a tool to improve this company’s productivity, it is able to increase the company’s marketing space and market sales. New technologies inevitably enter into all areas of this company’s business which might not be directly related to Internet specifics.

 Working on new projects, we believe the interests of our customers are the most important aim to pursue, we treat our customers as equal partners, we take into account all their wishes and work consistently on optimization and development of their suggestions in order they can to achieve maximum benefit in our results.

 In our work we cultivate flexibility in decision-making and build cooperation with our partners. Our technology allows us to start the work at any stage of the project development and its promotion in the Internet.