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Today everyone knows that doing business without IT is like building a house without the tools: that means, technically, it is possible, but it is absolutely inefficient and will lead to failure. However, IT services should be chosen right. If you still use the flash drive to take your documents from the office before going home, you should probably turn to IT consulting.

To build a good and effective IT solution costs money and upgrading the existing system costs even more. Good IT professional consultants will find the most appropriate and individual IT solution only for your company. Thus IT consulting saves you a lot of money. 

You have to decide yourselves whether to keep a permanent staff for IT consulting or to order a separate company for this purpose. The second choice is financially more profitable since you get professional IT consultants on as-needed basis.

We have already solved lots of both small and big problems in IT technologies field. Our experience is the most precious thing since IT consulting proficiency is not what you can master by learning theoretical bases and case studies. Only in practice facing multiple problems we have learnt to deal with them. 

Our IT consulting services include:

Recognition of problems and making possible IT solutions 

Maintenance of the various existing IT systems

Upgrading the existing IT systems

IT security consulting

IT audit

Customer training and support

We can help you to solve the immediate problems, to establish a long-term IT support. Our professionals are as interested in your success in IT sphere as you are.