Android application development
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One of our outsourcing services is to develop an application for Android. If you want to increase your own customers’ base, link it effectively to all of your employees etc., it is vital  to build your own Android app developer. 

Today more than 6 billion people in the whole world use mobile phones for their communication. About 85 % of this number carry mobile phones with them wherever they go. Just think how many people you can reach at once and make them your potential customers. Even Internet cannot be so much productive. Moreover, you mobile audience can be easily added to your Internet audience since mobiles phones have Internet access nowadays. 

Most of mobiles use Android operation system today. There are many custom mobile applications which are developed every day for selling goods, advertising, winning customer loyalty and simple communication with existing and potential customers.

At the same time Android application developers can help to optimize the information flow inside your company. Such applications can be incorporated into the cloud. They help your employees to be always in touch with your company’s fresh news and to manage their projects remotely. CEO of the company can easily control the process of each project and see how they progress. 

You might ask why to outsource and develop Android applications with us. First of all, we are a well-established company with large experience in outsourcing mobile applications, including those for Android. We see promising future in mobiles apps and develop them with high passion. Sometimes we just could not hold our ideas anymore, so we have a special team for working them out. We provide programming, design and QA services for Android applications development.